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GPS Tracking

Automatically track trips and locations in real-time

Improve productivity

See how drivers spend their time, observe and message them on a live map on the field, so you don't miss any job extension.

Manage Your Jobs

Start managing your jobs and send them directly from your Admin Panel

How is the smartphone-based Drivers' administration different?

More affordable and flexible — No additional hardware needed to be purchased or installed, and no vehicle downtime - meaning the costs stay low.

Driver-orientated measurement — A clear view of real-time locations and driving behaviors such as phone usage, entering and leaving geoareas and many more.

How does It Work?

Drivers install the app and enable tracking from their smartphones.

Automatically records real-time locations, trip stats and behaviors.

Administrators can view drivers' locations, routes and trips data in the Admin Panel.


GPS Monster allows you to see the current location of both driving and parked cars on a live map, allowing you to control the stature of your fleet and its productivity.

Automatically track every trip your drivers take

View real-time location of active, on-duty drivers

Quickly find drivers by status, location & more

Automatically updates every few seconds

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Send messages to drivers on the field

GPS monster lets you text a driver from the Live Map, allowing you to make adjustments on the fly and stay in contact with your workers in the field.

Message one or multiple drivers

Unlimited Text Messages

View message history for a selected driver

Secured Messenger

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Customer's location

Now you can see from which phone number your clients are contacting you - No More JOKERS!

Chat with your clients

Improve your conversion rate with 20% by adding chat to your web site. Start managing your whole operation from one Admin System

Best Place To Advertise

You can see from which site you receive your jobs, no need to spend more and more money for something, that you don't know if it's working or not

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