We, at GPS Monster, care about our Clients and this is the reason why we have created this Tutorial of how to use the Application. It is meant to teach your fleet how to use it on their mobile devices.

Step 1

Start the APP and Log-In

In order to start using the APP, you need to find its icon on your mobile device screen and tap on it.
Once the APP is loaded, you will see on your display the following 3 fields, as follows:

  1. Magic - fill-in the name of the Agency you are working for

  2. Username - fill-in your username

  3. Password - fill-in your password

These details will be provided for your by the Manager of the Agency. Just fill in the fields and click the 'LOGIN' button below them. Once you have managed to successfully LOGIN to the APP you will see the HOME screen.

Step 2


After completing STEP 1, a window will appear your display. It will contain information about your 'PICK-UP' such as - the name of the model, her address, phone number and a note with some extra details (as an example - what time to pick her up and etc.)

Then you will have 2 options - Accept or Reject.

Accept: After you press the 'Accept' button, another window will pop-up, asking you to 'Press DONE when the model is in the car'. By doing this you confirm that she is already picked-up and you will become 'Online'. You will also appear on the Dispatcher's map and be able to receive jobs.

Reject: After you press the 'Reject' button, a 'Reject Reason' field will pop-up on your screen, write the reason and tap the send button.

Step 3

Chat System

The 'Chat' is pretty easy/simple to use, just as everything else in GPS Monster.

You will 2 options here as well: Sending and Receiving messages

Sending: If you want to send a text message to the 'Office', all you need to do is to tap the 'Chat' icon in the bottom right-hand corner and the 'Chat' window will appear. Just write whatever you want and click the 'Send' button.

Receiving: Whenever you receive a message, it will notify you by receiving a 'Notification'- on your screen, even if your device is locked or you are using another app at the same time. To reply back, just write your answer and tap the 'Send' button.

Step 4

Operating with Jobs

As soon as a 'job' is sent to you, you will receive a notification about it. Open the 'App' to have a look at the 'Job'.

Once more, you will face 2 options - Accept and Reject.

Accept: If you 'Accept' the 'Job', a list of navigation apps will be loaded, pick your favourite one and you can make your way to the 'Job'. When you reach your destination, open the 'App' and update the 'Office' on what is happening with the booking:

  1. 'Job IN':

    • Accept: tap the 'Job IN' button, in the following window specify the details - 'Duration' and 'Price'. If you need to leave a note, just fill in the 'Note' field. Once you are sure everything is correct click the 'Confirm' button. You are READY! Then a timer will appear so you can follow closely how much remaining time does the model have.

    • Done: When the model is in the car and the booking is finished, click the 'Done' button in order to end the 'Job'.

    • Extend: In case you need to extend the current booking, tap the 'Extend' button and fill in the details. Hit the 'Confirm' button to update the status of the 'Job'.

  2. Reject: exactly the same as the 'Pick-Up' cancellation - just fill in the reject reason and send it.

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