We, at GPS Monster, care about our Clients and this is the reason why we have created this Tutorial of how to use the ADMIN'S PANEL. It is meant to teach your dispatchers how to use it on their working stations.

Saved Jobs


Here you can see the jobs that are not assigned to any driver at this moment. They will also apear on the screen as 'Green Pins' - meaning they are still not assigned/given to no one. Important part of the interface of GPS Monster in order to see and manage the work that is taken during a shift.

Today Jobs


This feature includes comprehensive color scheme (explained below) in which you can see the processed 'jobs' for the past 24 hours.

Green background – the 'job' has been assigned to someone and you are waiting for its status to be updated

White background – the 'job' was successful and is already done

Red background – the model has declined the 'job' (the driver must had written the reasons for the cancellation in the job details)

Send Pickup

Form the shift's teams

This feature will give you the oppurtunity to make the teams for the evening - choose which driver will work with which model only within 3 clicks. Yes, it is as simple as that! The feature includes comprehensive color scheme (explained below) in which you can see the exact driver and model who are on duty.

Basically here you have 3 steps to follow:

  1. Select the driver and click next.

  2. Choose the model and click next.

  3. Add a note what time should he pick her up, or any additional info you want to provide to the driver.

  4. Once you have filled the 'Note', you are done. All you need to do is to send the pick-up, by clicking on the 'SEND' button.

Here is the colored scheme to navigate easier:

  • Light Blue - this color indicates that the driver didn’t confirm that the model will be working on this shift.

  • Blue - the model has confirmed she will be working tonight.

  • Green - this color indicates that the model is already in the car and the team is ready to receive 'Jobs'

  • Red - the model declined to take the shift and the driver is obliged to state a reason in the 'Note' field.

Collapsing menus

Drivers & Models menus

All the 'Drivers' and 'Models' are sorted in collapsing menus for improved visibility and control. There you can see which of your drivers is currently available and who is off duty. You can contact them by pressing the chat button and you will instantly open a conversation.

In case you have a new employee – by pressing “add new driver” you will add him to your fleet and will become visible on the dashboard for tasks.

By clicking on the collapsing menu next to the name of your employee, you can check his personal details like phone number, address and etc. You can always make changes in the two similar menus – this with the drivers and with the models by adding, editting or deleting staff members.

General info – Accounting


In this menu valuable data is collected that will allow you to cut losses and generally see the productivity of your staff. Among the statistics are – total job count, drive cancel, client cancel, total cancelled percentage, total accumulated sum and total hours on tasks. Jobs taken to cancellation rate is crucial and one of the most important features of GPS Monster.

Chat System


The built-in messaging system in GPS Monster saves you once again a lot of cash. There is no need either for expensive calls that will only slow down the working process or additional communication apps that will cost you extra. Now this communication is FREE, brought to you by our state-of-the-art software.

You simply select the driver you want, click on the chat button and there you go - as simple as that!

The Privacy of Your text messages with the whole fleet is secured with end-to-end encryption, which means the contents of the chat aren’t visible to anyone but the parties in the conversation.

Bottom navigation menu

Bottom Menu

In this GPS Monster feature, you will be able to track all your fleet in real time – drivers waiting for a job, travelling to one, in a current task or awaiting confirmation. This way you will be able to cut the idle time and save money and time respectively.

On the map every driver is accessible through a pop-up window with full current details and chat option. Another very useful feature for organizing the fleet is the filter navigation menu. There you can get the exact information you are looking for with unboxing the options you are not currently interested in. Among them are the status of the job, status of the driver and location on the map.

GPS Monster saves you time in another smart way – the phone number of the client can be shown right away or at the moment of the arrival, so the cancellation by the driver or the model is impossible, leading to better percentage of jobs taken.

The amazing map on GPS Monster is fully interactive and doesn’t need refreshing – it makes it automatically every two seconds. You are able to track all your drivers and models and know exactly where in London they are currently. If the icon of the car is colored blue, that means the model is inside the car and the team is travelling to a job, which is also shown as a tracking line. The smart app measures the distance and ETA remaining upon arrival according to the traffic conditions.

Every driver has a login time – making tracking their activities easier.

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