Privacy Policy


On the Deposits page we have listed the minimum amount and the time to process it. These time frames are just indicative and represent estimates only. Our company will need documentation regarding your funds due to the anti-laundering policy we are obliged to comply with. After thorough inspection if our company doesn’t find this provided either information or documentation sufficient enough, we reserve our right to terminate Client’s account and provide their information to the legal authorities.

Payment details and update

You are ought to contact the Customer Service department in order to change your payment details prior to a withdrawal. Third-party deposits are forbidden.

Technical errors

If technical difficulties or errors occur, the Customer is obliged to inform Valdo69 Ltd.’s staff immediately.


This process may occur solely after the discretion of our company and no exceptions are allowed. If the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of the bonus, Valdo69 Ltd. can decide to allow a money refund.

Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures are updated on regular basis but no more than one time a year.

AML Compliance team

We declare that our team observes and follows the regulations and laws that are enforced by AML. Our team is trained to understand those regulations.

Identification of customers

We require various methods for recognition of our clients including valid card information that has the persons’ name, date and place of birth, photo, expiry date and personal identification number (card ID number). Additional information is gathered – proof of address, phone number, e-mail address etc.


Our clients can send the information needed for starting trade via electronic way but can start the actual activities on the company’s platform only when they are verified. There are several ways to achieve that – legitimate bill (telephone, credit card etc.) to serve as a proof of address. Providing this type of information accompanied with ID picture approved by a trusted source. If the company’s team detects signs of suspicions transactions and activities of any source, the customer’s account will be immediately closed.

Suspicious activities

Our firm respects the law and won’t be hesitant to inform the authorities if suspicious behavior or similar activities are detected and will immediately close the account. This activities may be expressed not only in money laundering attempts. We reserve our right to inform the authorities even if no financial harm has been done.

Recording information process

In order to assure the transparency in our service that we are providing we keep track of all the information that is voluntarily submitted by our customers.

  • Our company has the responsibility of keeping our client’s information safe
  • Valdo69 Ltd. uses additional methods to verify the customers identity as already mentioned under the KYC policy
  • We keep the data submitted to us up to 5 years

Regular AML report

The company’s operations will be described according to the AML policy and prepared by our Compliance team. Then the document will pass second inspection by the senior management of the firm.

Know your customer policy

In unison with the worldwide Know your customer policies Valdo69 Ltd. also comply with that regulations against money laundering, financial fraud even terrorist funding. We are aware that the responsibility of doing fair legitimate business and we will make not one step backwards from our promise. Our team monitors closely all of the accounts opened with us and will terminate every single one of them connected with suspicions of the listed illegal activities.

Our company requires certain type of data to ensure your safety while buying tickets for events that are organized by Valdo69 Ltd.. These documents include copy of your ID with signature, copy of the valid credit cards (you need to hide the middle 8 numbers and the CVV code, a verification of your current address which you can obtain by presenting recently paid bill. Anytime you have any question regarding your account you can contact us at

After providing us with the necessary information you will be able to purchase tickets for events, organized by us. We suggest that you either scan the documents or use high quality camera to take detailed image of your data and to avoid any misunderstandings.

We ensure you that we will take full responsibility of keeping your personal data and details safe. Your cooperation is highly regarded.

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