GPS Monster allows you to see the current location of driving and parked drivers on a live map, allowing you to control the stature of your fleet and its productivity.

Automatically track every trip your drivers take

Track Your Drivers

Through GPS Monster dashboard page You will be able to see all of Your job pins color coded to be the same color as the driver they are assigned to. You can toggle between jobs and drivers to easily see the current status of your bookings.

Your office staff can use our dispatch software to take orders over the phone/chat/text messages and send the job details to the drivers while tracking the driver’s locations through our interactive dashboard map.


View real-time location of active, on-duty drivers

Location Updates

You will be impressed by the GPS Monster Real-Time Location feature, which will allow You to closely observe Your drivers LIVE on the Map.

The Interactive Map Dashboard will provide the following features:

  • Track the location of the fleet

  • Easily send drivers new jobs

  • Drivers will instantly receive the booking details on their phones

  • Receive notifications through the dispatch dashboard when your drivers update their delivery tickets

  • No 'Refresh' needed - each status change will be updated on the map straight away

Quickly find drivers by status, location & more

Manage Drivers & Models

We in GPS Monster know that the quick driver/model status check is essential, so We have created a simple navigation 'Undermap Menu', which will help the dispatchers to quickly find and manage the fleet divided in 4 sections as follows:

  • Awaiting job

  • Travelling to job

  • In job

  • Awaiting confirmation

Another option, for a quicker orientation regarding finding drivers/models on the Map, can be achieved by accessing the 'Filters menu', situated on the top right-hand corner of your screen. This will allow you to browse through the 'On duty list'. The two main important options are:

  • Select Driver
  • or
  • Select Model

By choosing either one of them from the drop-down menus and selecting the desired driver/model, a pop-up window will be opened on the Map with the exact location of the car, preventing excessive clicks, and losing time to find someone on the map.

Automatically updates every few seconds

LIVE Updates

The efficiency of your drivers can help save your company a lot of money. Those extra miles from taking a wrong turn or having to stop to get more details during the delivery end up turning into a huge unnecessary expense. Using our driver’s app, your drivers will always know where they are going and who they are delivering to. 'Jobs' can be send by the dispatch operators directly to your fleet of drivers in real time, making it comfortable by not refreshing the map Non-Stop.

Easily search the map for drivers & jobs. We have set 5 colors, for an easy and visible navigation with only a look at the map. Driver and booking markers are color coded to match the drivers' color:

  1. Green - a free driver/a not assigned job

  2. Dark Green - waiting for the driver to update the status of the assigned job

  3. Blue - the driver accepted the job on he is on the way to the booking

  4. Red - the driver confirmed that the model is in the job and the 'Countdown' timer starts

  5. Dark Red - the current booking is extended

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